1. 50:50 land proposal – we are serving on this committee and seem to have been able to bring about a more practical approach, and to work towards a recognition outcome so that past, current and future projects undertaken by commercial farmers are recognised.
2. Agri Parks – serving on this committee to see that we are in the inside when it comes to the implementation and to ensure that commercial farmers are included in the process.
3. Elected to the funding committee that will look into how these Agri parks are going to be funded.
4. Appointed to co-ordinate the corporate structure sub-committee on Agri Parks, ensuring we have commercial farmer/processor marketing as a buy in.


1. Changed the 50:50 rigidly proposed legislation to a more outcomes based scenario, with a relatively wide application base.
2. Presented a proposed 50:50 pilot for the Collett family so that Amadlelo can remain in the forefront of the transformation space and working with government to be proactive.
3. We have achieved much in a short space of time with much effort.
4. Presented to ABSA Land Reform Committee and made some valuable connections in the process but have not received any response from ABSA in terms of funding models.
5. Had a one on one meeting with Minister Nkwinti last week over a wide range of topics, also seeking clarity on some of the proposed legislation. The strategy is to proactively seek commercially workable alternatives and solutions. We also discussed the creation of a Mega
Fund to fast track commercially driven Land Reform and developing the former homeland areas.


You will be part of a widening circle of transforming farmers and be on the forefront of government initiatives in this regard.
You will be part of the database of engaged farmers seeking the business opportunities that are arising out of transformation and development initiatives.
The NDP will give rise to business opportunities provided we can create the necessary funding hence the push for a Mega Fund.
You will be updated on all legislation and pending legislation so that you can be proactive in both avoiding potential problems and also partaking in opportunities as they arise.
You will be part of an initiative to transform the country inside and outside of government legislation and programmes.