Amadlelo Foundation is a non- profit organisation born out of the need to co-ordinate and champion the cause of transforming agriculture from white to black, creating a stable socio politically acceptable farming landscape in our country.

Amadlelo has been actively engaged in transformation and development agriculture for the past ten years. It has built a reputation of delivery in difficult circumstances. Amadlelo is a for profit company focussed on communal projects.

These are massively uncertain times in agriculture and now more than ever it is critical to engage CONSTRUCTIVELY with the government of the day to craft a future which we want, and not passively or at worst, be seen to be obstructing change.

Our Vision

To unite all those who believe in a proactive approach to land reform in producing equitable sustainable and profitable black commercial farmers, creating jobs and growing the economy.

Our Mission

To champion the cause of land reform, black commercial farmers and farm labourers  in a transforming South Africa